Cannabis Horticulture


Medical Cannabis Comprehensive
History of Cannabis
Introduction to Horticulture
Cannabis Cultivation
Commercial Cultivation Operations
2 Electives

Cannabis Horticulture (136 Clock Hours)

This program is designed to teach students everything they need to know to grow medical grade cannabis. The program uses text, video, live streaming, and supplemental materials to support the lectures. This program is designed in a way that can benefit novice and experienced cannabis growers.

Approximate Hours
MCC = 10 Hours | 1 Major = 130 Hours | 1 Class = 20 Hours

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Career Options

Master Grower
Cannabis Gardener
Cannabis Trimmer
Cannabis Compliance Officer
Cultivation Consultant
Cannabis Garden Designer
Cannabis Educator


Medical Cannabis Comprehensive is a single weekend flagship course that covers a wide range of cannabis subjects and is designed to benefit anyone who is thinking of participating in the cannabis industry. The course covers seven different topics including History, Advocacy, Horticulture, Patient Access, Legal, Extracts and Business. Upon completion of the course, students receive a certificate of completion.

(10 Clock Hours)

History of Cannabis

The purpose of this course is to develop an in-depth understanding of the history of cannabis from 2900 BC to modern day. This course will cover: the uses of cannabis and hemp and their historical agricultural and cultural importance, the prohibition of cannabis and subsequent cannabis law reform, and the inconsistencies in federal cannabis policy.

(22.5 Clock Hours)

Intro to Horticulture

The purpose of this course is to develop a beginner’s understanding of horticulture and plant life diversity. This course will cover the basic science of plant diversity, growth, the science of propagation and production, and how to apply these basics to the growth and propagation of cannabis.

(22.5 Clock Hours)

Cannabis Cultivation

The purpose of this course is to teach students how to cultivate medical grade cannabis. This includes different methods of cultivation and how to use them effectively. Videos and live streaming will be used often in this course to enhance learning.

(22.5 Clock Hours)

Commercial Cultivation Operations

This course is designed to teach students the skills necessary to operate a large scale commercial cannabis cultivation operation. This course looks at cannabis cultivation from the perspective of management and operations instead of gardening.

(22.5 Clock Hours)


Cooking with Cannabis

The purpose of this course is to develop an in-depth understanding of cooking with cannabis. This course will cover cooking and baking basics, methods of infusion, and proper and accurate dosing.

(18 Clock Hours)

Cannabis Policies

This course is designed to teach students how state and federal laws are reformed in the United States. The course investigates the recent reform in State laws related to medical cannabis, how it was passed, and how effective the legislation was. This course gives students the information they will need to have a positive voice in local, state and federal politics as it relates to the cannabis industry.

(18 Clock Hours)

Cannabis Extracts

The purpose of this course is to develop an in-depth understanding of extracted cannabis products and methods. There is a heavy focus on methods of extracting cannabis, extraction equipment and safety protocol, cannabis extract testing and dosing, cannabis extract industry trends. product development and marketing.

(18 Clock Hours)

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